Batman goes transmedia

batman de los 60In 2007 when hundreds of people received an email from indicating that they were in the last step of the selection process : “Arwoeufgryo ” they didn’t know they had just entered in a challenge that could catch their lives in the coming months , but Jordan Weissman director of the company 42 Entertainment which launched the campaign was clear where he wanted to go. People who received this message entered in the selection process to be a henchman of the Joker , the letter took them to the link . Once they entered into the page they were given several indications that took them to twenty-one bakeries spread over twenty-one cities in the US . When people came to the bakery had to ask for a ” very special treatment ” to which bakery employees indicated : ” Name ” , if people responded ” Robin Banks ” (from robbing banks), they received a cake . When they open the cake encountered in a note that indicated that they had to call a phone number . When they called the phone , a phone began to ring , the sound could only come from within the pie, so they cut the cake and encountered inside a bag with a phone and its charger , which had a message that indicated that they should have the phone always turned on.

When twenty-one pies were removed disappeared twenty- one animals website which allowed access to a new page of the experience . The tests continued and months after viewers were directed to various theaters across the U.S. , those who were lucky enough to go to the NY met with Batman director Christopher Nolan who presented them the first seven minutes of The Dark Night Rises indicating that everything they had done was colaborating with a villain : The Joker .

batman 1

Screenshot from Alternate Reality Branding. Why so serious?

And so continued the experience for more than fourteen months. Including events in real life, videos, narrative, projections in cinemas, mobile, user-generated content, online games, twenty-one website created for the occasion (including Gotham police and the city council) and more as seen on the chart accompanying this text. And this campaign kept the film at the forefront both through the means of mass communication such as the blogosphere, receiving more than half a billion references.

The numbers of the impact of alternate reality game (ARG) were not less, reaching a total of 10 million unique users in 75 countries around the world. Having a viral expansion from the 200 thousand who received the first letter. Of the total about 750 thousand participated in live action in over 380 cities worldwide. Over 1,300 videos and 5,000 photos were uploaded to YouTube and Flickr. The players themselves wrote a wiki with 986 pages, 560 files and 386 publishers. All this resulted in the film grossed over $ 1,000 million worldwide in 2007 standing as the second film grossed more in history at the moment just below Titanic.

batman 2

Screenshot from Alternate Reality Branding. Why so serious?


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