Introduction to Transmedia Experience

It’s about storytelling

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Anthropologists tell us that storytelling is central to human existence. That it’s common to every known culture. That it involves a symbiotic exchange between teller and listener “

Frank Rose in The Art of Inmerssion.

Deep media, crossmedia, transmedia. It is a time of birth such that there is not even a term used by all people to define what in four words can be said is storytelling through the network. Because basically what we are going to talk about is on storytelling through the network. Neither the media have changed nor the platforms (video, romance, audio, publications, …) but the main distribution channel is the Internet regardless of the medium and even within the project transmedia there are events in real life as screenings, demonstrations, meetings… because the channel to reach the public is the network. An audience that no longer will be spectators but part of the story both being immersed in it and creators of it.

The foundations of communication didn’t changed but the technology itself has changed the way we interact and participate in the stories, we are not longer sitting around the fireplace listening our elders tell us stories. No. We are at home with the TV or a movie on, connected to the community through the smartphone, reading the latest news of the director while we watch the movie, sharing the link with our friends, uploading a photo on Flickr about the amazing thing wich is being laying on the sofa, sharing thoughts through Twitter with people around the world, making a comment on IMDb or Filmin on how wonderful this story is or even uploading our own version of the film on YouTube.

Neo had the option of eatingMatrix píldora azul o roja the red pill or the blue one, we don’t have that option since we are in Matrix and we can’t get out, so what remains is to adapt to the environment because as marked Darwin in his theory of evolution “only the strongests will survive”. But an adaptation by immersion, by the pursuit of happiness, by engagement and by doing what we really like.

In transmediaexperience we will present what transmedia is through a web, a channel on YouTube, a book, social networks and all of you. This is transmedia experience. In addition this project is the starting point of a philosophy of life that will crystallize in the coming months through SOLPOH and a game in which Einstein will be starring….

What we aim is to tell a story about a new medium of storytelling: transmedia, because as stated Frank Rose in the quote that heads this page: regardless of time storytelling is central to the existence of human beings and in the world where we live today the best way to tell stories is through transmedia.

I hope you enjoy this experience as the author is enjoying telling it. Because the best way to enjoy all of this would be seeing hordes of zombifans chasing contents of transmediaexperience as if they were tasty humans.

Always look at the bright side of life.

Monthy Pyton.


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