Roi Rodríguez de Bernardo

For years I have clear which is the central focus of my life. This is just to give it a meaning and the meaning of life is to be happy , so I’m in a constant pursuit of happiness . And in that quest which more I like, what ‘s given me more moments of happiness is learning.. As Benjamin Franklin said at the time :

Human happiness is not usually achieved with great strokes of luck , which occur rarely , but with little things that happen every day .”

In transmedia we need to know and empathize with others, we have to play with the layers of stories (across platforms and devices) , you must open paths for viewers to create their own stories and forking paths in order to give everyone what they really want . What field could provide greater learning opportunities ?

The challenge for many is to continue creating a virtual world in a symbiotic relationship with the real world. And make products tailored to the audience to give them an experience that is integrated into their life to help get small capsules of happiness.

If you want to know more on me: CV Roi Rodríguez de Bernardo – In the pursuit of happiness or LinkedIn.

 My family

They are here but soon they’ll be even more in SOLPOH. Follow us and discover them.


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